Carbon Neutrality for Sustainable Business

What is carbon offsetting?
Over the past fifty years, greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane have been building up in the earth’s atmosphere causing it to warm up. This has become known as global warming or climate change.

Your environmental reputation is important, so choosing the right carbon offset is a serious business.

The Quality Assurance Standard was created to ensure that organisations could easily identify carbon offsets which had been thoroughly and independently audited to the highest standards available, and in doing so put their environmental integrity and credibility Beyond Doubt.


Beyond Doubt

The QAS simplifies many complex quality criteria into one easily recognisable Quality Mark. QAS-approved carbon offsets undergo at least 40 separate checks making it the most comprehensive standard in the world for carbon offsetting.

Checks include:

  • correct and up-to-date emissions factors
  • calculation methodologies
  • project methodologies
  • registry transactions
  • use of radiative forcing index
  • green claims guidance
  • transparent pricing
  • company checks

Audits are carried out annually by an independent environmental consultancy to ensure that standards are maintained. In addition, the QAS operates a Chinese Wall within the company to ensure that the directors are not involved in the administration of the annual audits.

Find out which carbon offsets have been QAS-approved and bear the QAS-approved Mark.