How much do QAS-approved carbon offsets cost?

Carbon offset buyers pay nothing extra for QAS approval. Offset providers pay an annual fee for QAS services, including independent audit and certification.

Is the QAS a trade body for the carbon offset industry?

No, the QAS is the only organisation which independently audits carbon offsets outside of the industry.It does not represent the industry for other matters either.

Do carbon offsets avoid the need to reduce emissions?

Carbon offsets should never be used in isolation. Without also taking responsibility for reducing overall emissions, carbon offsets cannot avoid global warming. However they are the only way to mitigate the carbon footprint left after reductions are made.

Are REDD+ projects allowed within QAS-approval?

Yes, REDD+ projects are the only forestry-based projects allowed within QAS rules, as they coverpotential risks with carefully audited mitigation mechanisms.

Who is the independent auditor?

The independent auditor is currently Ricardo Energy & Environment Ltd, a leading international environmental consultancy.

Can I buy QAS-approved carbon offsets for investment purposes?

Carbon offsets allow you to take responsibility for emissions; they are not an investment product. If any company with QAS-approved carbon offsets is found to be selling them for investment purposes, QAS approval will be withdrawn and the company involved named on our website.

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